With over a 100 graduates, Asia Pacific College (APC) celebrated another Mid-Year Graduation held at the Function Hall 2 of the SMX Convention Center on November 22, 2017.

The Class of SY 2017-2018 graduates and their families flocked the venue early afternoon and were all welcomed by the members of the graduation committee.

A very solemn Baccalaureate Mass was celebrated by Rev. Fr. Ludovico Tacdoro Jr., from the Society of St. Paul and left a mark to the new graduates with his inspiring homily.

As the program moved on, Tomio S. Tonoike, from the School of Computing and Information Technologies (SoCIT) and one of the two cumlaudes of the graduating class of the delivered his words of welcome to everyone. His speech gave a good sense of perseverance and had set the mood for what challenges lie ahead for each of them.

A very impressive but straightforward introduction of the commencement speaker by APC’s Managing Director, Ms. Teresita P. Medado had all attendees all ears to what they were about to witness.

Mr. Frederic C. Dybuncio, President of SM Investments Corporation, cheerfully addressed the graduates in his speech; he shared not just his words of wisdom but also valuable life lessons that the graduates can definitely learn from. Mr. Dybuncio also unselfishly shared his nine helpful tips that made our very own RAM graduates listening attentively to every word that he said:

There are no life hacks for long-term success other than hard work. No substitute for hard work.

Be resourceful. Use available tools wisely. Technology is a powerful instrument to get ahead in life but don't let it take over your life. Believe that there's always a solution.

Don't be afraid to fail, or fail badly. Believe in epic fail but don't epic quit. Become better, learn from failure. Cash flow + planning will get you there.

Create. Innovate. Set yourself apart. Embrace your uniqueness. Don't be a copycat. Dare to be yourself. Think differently.

Don't be caught up in the number of Likes and Dislikes. Work ethics + ideas + discipline + ability to solve

Passion + perseverance = grit. Relentless energy to pursue what you want. Don't be a meh. Find your heart and grit will come easy

#GOALS Dream big. Success starts with a dream. Stay with the dream and see it through & the power lies in you.

Find your BAE (before anything else). Learn to prioritize. Tackle the most important. Urgent 1st.

YOLO (You Only Live Once) so LOL (Laugh Out Loud). Celebrate each wonderful moment. Live beautifully and meaningfully. Be part of the real world helping the economy.

The SMX Convention Center’s Function Hall 2 was dressed up well by the graduation committee as the candidates from the various schools: Senior High School (SHS), School of Multimedia and Arts (SoMA), School of Management (SoM), School of Computing and Information Technologies (SoCIT), School of Engineering (SoE), and the Graduate School have received their corresponding honors and degrees with the help of Mr. Ramon Y. Dimacali, APC’s Chairman of the Board; Dr. Paulino Y. Tan, APC President; Mr. Frederick C. Dybuncio, Commencement Speaker as assisted by Bryan Reginald Magbutay, College Registrar.

Words of appreciation by Joanna Mae S. Heramil of SoCIT delivered a very moving speech of her struggles and triumphs that paved her way to the #ROADTOSMX as a cumlaude of her graduating class.

Capping the event was the pledge of loyalty led by the current president of the APC Ram Alumni Association, Mr. Dann Wenzley D. Garcia, as they were welcomed as new members of the association.

As the occasion came to an end, APC graduates were given time to have their photo op up on stage immediately after the APC March while their throwback AVP was played in the background.

Truly, a momentous day for our APCians…until the next commencement exercises in May 2018!