Between APC and CMU-A / DBM and CMU-A

(Tower Club, Boardroom - March 7, 2018) – “Each of us has agreed to make a commitment, take responsibility, and create the change that will make a difference. A change that would benefit not just one person but for a lot of people.”

These are the words from Mr. Ramon Y. Dimacali, Chairman of the Board of Asia Pacific College (APC) that has inspired everyone at the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding with Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) – Australia.

CMU is amongst the world’s premier universities and ranked no. 1 in the School of Computer Science, and its school of Public Policy and Management is ranked among the Top 10 schools in Public Affairs.

Representing CMU at both signing ceremony is no less than its highly distinguished Head, Prof. Emil Bolongaita. In his remarks, he mentioned that these collaborations are realizations of partnerships which have long been in the making.

Consequently, the 2nd MoU signing ceremony happened between CMU-A and the Department of Budget and Management (DBM), represented by his Honorable Secretary Benjamin E. Diokno.

Gracing the affair even more is the presence and participation of Her Excellency Amanda Gorely, The Ambassador or Australia who also expressed her sincere gratitude for the said partnership between APC and CMU - Australia.

At this point, the real work actually begins as each collaborator shall work hand –in- hand in the delivery of its mutual agreement accordingly. Indeed, true to the words of Mr. Dimacali’s remarks, “We all have good reasons to celebrate these Memoranda of Understanding, as we bring concrete actions to our Hope for Change.”