APC students empowered through Anti-bullying Seminar

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APC students attended the Anti-Bullying Seminar at the APC Auditorium last June 28, 2019, from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Its theme revolved around the concept of “SHIELD,” which stands for “Support. Heal. Inform. Engage. Lead. Defend.” The APC Speaks spearheaded the event in collaboration with the Guidance Office and Discipline Office (DO).

DO Head Raymart Cabiten formally opened the program. Shai Habon and Madie Cruz, the guest speakers, delivered their fair share of past experiences and revealed how the feeling of being bullied affected their lives. They discussed the interventions that can be done when one is being bullied.

Furthermore, words of encouragement filled the auditorium. The speakers mentioned that self-love is the most powerful weapon against bullies. Compassion is needed to combat this bullying trend.

The talk raised questions which were entertained and answered during the Open Forum. The seminar ended as Kareen Gancio, English and Communication Program (ECP) Director and APC Speaks Adviser, gave the certificate of recognition to the speakers and performers. She also gave the closing remarks. In partnership with Himalaya Herbals, audiences received tokens.

A little care is all we need. Be there for someone who needs assistance. Look out for one another. Spread love and positive thoughts toward those around you. At times, you may not feel cherished, but remember that you are loved. Seeking help is never a bad thing.

Speak and Be Heard.