Asia Pacific College is proud to announce the newest roster of Certified Public Accountants in the recent October 2017 CPA Licensure Exams:
                1.   Buyco, Rey Jr. Retubado
                2.   Caringal, Jarra Gueneivoir Montesa
                3.   Del Mundo, Giah Davyn Galvan
                4.   Eleazar, Jessa Marie Pateño
                5.   Fajardo, Portia Peñarubia
                6.   Gonzales, Tyron Ryan Punzalan
                7.   Guillermo, Maureen Agulay
                8.   Legaspi, Daniel John Cañares
                9.   Leonardo, Mark Anthony II Rodriguez
                10. Mendoza, Kim Aldrin Bayani
                11. Regala, Anne Louisse Cruz
                12. Verzon, Jessica Targa
                13.  Ravina, Angelito Gavino
                APC Passing Rate:
                                92.31%   First Timers (12 out of 13)
                                25.00%   Repeaters (1 out of 4)
                                76.47%   Overall (13 out of 17)
                National Passing Rate:   30.44%
                Your APC Community is truly proud of you! Go RAMS!