Czyrus Manglicmot — APC’s Dancing Heartthrob!

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Filipino singer Michael Pangilinan (Photo retrieved from
APC's world-class dancer Czyrus Manglicmot

Dubbed as APC’s Michael-Pangilinan-look-alike, 18-year-old Czyrus Maxinne P. Manglicmot lives an extraordinary life! As a Grade 12 student, he has brought great pride to Asia Pacific College through his world-class achievements.

His excellence goes far beyond the four corners of his classroom. He has competed alongside his friends from A-Team Philippines in the Body Rock Competition at San Diego, California. They also joined a dance showcase competition in Singapore called Super 24. His team bagged the silver medal. Moreover, they were awarded as the 8th best in the world during the Hip Hop International competition which took place in Phoenix, Arizona.

My most memorable achievement was being able to compete at the 'HipHop International 2019' dance showdown with A-Team Philippines. We joined because we wanted to represent the motherland and make the Filipinos proud.

Czyrus Maxinne P. Manglicmot Tweet

Aside from being part of the A-Team, he is also a proud member of the APC Dance Company. Last year, his team was the champion in the Woobie’s Street Dance Competition which took place at the World Bazaar Festival. His team also bagged the 5th spot in the Dance Supremacy Kings & Queens competition which was conducted at the AFP theater.

Czyrus continues to hone his talents. He said, “I would use my talents and skills to inspire others by sharing my knowledge.” Despite being good-looking and talented, a potent mixture for winning the hearts of people, he remains to be one of the most down-to-earth students at APC. He has a piece of advice to those who want to follow in his footsteps — “Keep learning.”