Engr. Samaniego embraces new stint as Executive Director for APC’s School of Engineering

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Engr. Leonardo Samaniego Jr., a licensed Electronics Engineer, is the newly appointed Executive Director for the School of Engineering (SoE). The role suits him well since he has been an asset to Asia Pacific College throughout the years. He recently graduated with a Master’s degree in Engineering and majored in Electronics and Communications Engineering.

Bearing the crucial responsibility of managing SoE, he is also the Program Director for Electronics and Communications Engineering (ECE). His task is to ensure that the learning experiences of the school’s future engineers are handled with utmost care.

Engr. Sam started out as a part-time faculty member of Asia Pacific College in 2011. He became a full-time faculty member of SoE in 2015. Consequently, he became the Head of the Engineering and the Sciences Laboratory Office (ESLO) in 2017.

Despite his remarkable professional stint, he is actually a fun-loving guy who will not shy away from a karaoke challenge. Aside from teaching, he loves cooking. In his prime, he loved to play basketball. Nowadays, he views engaging in specialized carpentry processes as a better alternative to going to the gym and exercising. “For my dream, I just want to have a simple and successful life,” Engr. Sam said. The School of Engineering is definitely in good hands.