Scholarship Eligibility

Scholarship in the Senior High School Program is granted to deserving students who meet the following qualifications and requirements. Please see details below:

1. If graduated from private/parochial/public/science schools:

a) An average grade of not lower than 85% and no grade below 85% in all subject areas
b) Recommendation letter from the school principal
c) Certificate of Good Moral Character

2. If graduated from Alternative Learning System (ALS):

a) An A&E Percent Correct (PC) not lower than 85% in Part II (Communication Skills in English) and Part III (Critical Thinking and a) b) Problem Solving), and Essay Rating not lower than 3
c) Recommendation letter from the ALS Supervisor

3. Belongs to a family with income of not more than P150,000.00 annually

a) If employed, submit a photocopy of parents’ or guardian’s latest Income Tax Return (ITR). In the absence of the ITR/withholding tax certificate, a copy of the Certificate of Employment stating the present salary and position must be submitted.
b) If unemployed, submit a certification from the Barangay stating the parents’ or guardian’s work status.

4. Passed the screening and interview.