Hiring at APC: SHS Instructor

We are looking for Senior High School (SHS) Instructors with the following qualifications:

1. Graduate of 4-year degree with specializations in Physics, Biology, Math, English, Social Sciences, Accountancy, and Business Management
2. With relevant work experience in the industry and/or education (high school or college)
3. On-going Graduate/Doctorate studies in the same field of study as degree with at least fifteen (15) units earned
4. Willing to take and finish LET within three (3) years
5. With excellent subject knowledge and a sound understanding of the Senior High School curriculum
6. Proficient in MS Office applications
7. With outstanding communication skills
8. Motivated and passionate to teach!

We URGENTLY need instructors for the following subject areas:

1. Applied Economics, Entrepreneurship, Principles of Marketing, Organization and Management and Business Ethics & Social Responsibility
-Specialization in Business Management
-Preferably with Master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA)
-With significant industry background or experience

2. Science
-Specializations in Biology and Physics
-Can teach Chemistry and Earth Sciences subjects
-Well-versed with Science laboratory tools and uses

3. English
-Specialization in Written Language and Oral Communication

We are also looking for instructors for the following:

1. Mathematics
-Preferably with a degree in Mathematics
-Advance skills in MS Excel

2. Social Science
-Specialization in Humanities or Social Sciences

3. Fundamentals of ABM and Business Finance
-Preferably a Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
-Specialization in Accounting and Business, if not CPA
-With significant industry background or experience

4. E-Tech (ICT) and Practical Research 1 & 2
-Specialization in Science and/or Mathematics
-Advance skills in Information Technology (IT)
-Relevant experience in Scientific Studies, Applied Sciences, Applied Mathematics and significant industry background or experience

5. IT (Java programming)
-Knowledgeable in Java programming and software development
-Must have at least two (2) years of industry experience

Submit your updated resume (with photo) to hrd@apc.edu.ph or ryanj@apc.edu.ph.

Apply now!