Raisa Nasara: A prized addition to a family of Engineers!

By: Philip James P. Erpelo

Hope served as the anchor for Raisa Fatima V. Nasara, an Engineering student of NU-Asia Pacific College, as she battled against anxiety last October 22, 2018. During that day, numerous hopefuls from Manila, Baguio, Cagayan de Oro, Cebu, Davao, and Lucena had taken the nationwide Electronics Technician (ECT) Licensure Examination. It turned out that her hope had not failed her. She is one of the 2,944 examinees whose names are now recognized by the PRC Board of Electronics Engineering due to their success.

“I wasn't overconfident, but I was hopeful,” Raisa Fatima V. Nasara explained. From an examinee’s perspective, hope is the very thing that one could hold on to after going through something very difficult. “Everyone says that the ECT board exam was easy, but I think that they only say it after the results were up; and regardless of how much you've gone through to double or triple check the answers to your exam, you’re never really sure of the score that you’ll get.”

Her experience is something that everyone can relate to. Despite life’s challenges, one must always make a headstrong decision to persevere. She said, “It's the constant fight to push myself to go further; sometimes you lose determination and you lose track.” She believes that the key to victory is consistency. “It's always a battle when that happens and I have to keep reminding myself of what my goals are and what I want to achieve.”

She also explained that the help that she had received from her mentors contributed to her success. “The ECE professors, namely Sir Leonardo Samaniego, Sir Eugene Embalzado, Sir Josh Ancheta, and Sir Luigi De Jesus, greatly helped us in our journey; they greatly believed in our potential,” she said.

Her parents, Romil and Mariza Nasara, were ecstatic upon hearing the good news. Her older siblings, Ralph and Renz, are also very proud of their sister’s achievement. Interestingly, her father is also an Electronics Engineer. Her eldest brother is taking his PhD in Materials Engineering. She also has four uncles who are engineers.

She dedicates her victory primarily to the Lord. Secondly, she offers this sweet triumph to her late grandfather who was also an Electrical Engineer.