Julian Lisaca “slam dunked” ECT Board Exam

By: Philip James P. Erpelo

Sports-minded BSECE student Julian Lisaca has proven that the basketball court is not big enough to contain his success. Out of the 3,605 examinees, he is one of the 2,944 victors who had made their parents proud after passing the Electronics Technician Licensure Examination which was conducted last October 22, 2018.

“I was playing basketball that night, trying to ease off the stress from the daily grind. Suddenly, I received a text from my friend, congratulating me for passing. I double-checked to make sure that they weren't tripping on me, and immediately told my parents upon confirmation. Was it expected? All I was certain of was that I was a step closer towards my plan of giving back to my parents who have ineffably done so much for me,” he explained.

His parents, Isagani and Maria Milagros, had a proud look on their faces when he broke the news of his latest success to them. “I understand that this may never be enough for all their sacrifices,” he expressed. His siblings, namely Mark, Gerardo, and Mae, are also very proud of their brother’s achievement. He also dedicates this triumphant moment to his friends who have always been there during the ups and downs of his academic journey. “This is also for those who are aspiring to take the board exam; if I can do it, they can, too,” he said.

In order to encourage other aspiring board passers, he explained that working hard, being dedicated, and having vision are essential ingredients to victory. “If there's a secret, then it's the fact that you're always somebody worth believing in; I'm not a perfect student, and I don't have to be,” he explained.

Julian sees himself as a pretty chill person. He knows the importance of balancing both work and play. In as much as he loves doing cool things with his friends, he knows when to hit the brakes and think. “I know how to read the atmosphere and make the most out of what I'm given; enjoying life doesn't equate to slacking off,” he said.

He also explained that NU-Asia Pacific College had holistically prepared him for the industry. “It isn't all about knowing the technical aspect of Engineering, but it’s also about having both the right mindset and expectations management for the industry.” With his excellent communication skills, athletic build, and well-balanced disposition in life, he can be perceived as the total package.