SM Scholar “Samboy Montante” qualifies to be a Licensed Electronics Engineer

By: Philip James P. Erpelo

Samboy Jim B. Montante was having dinner with his family when he suddenly received a nerve-wracking Facebook notification on October 26, 2018. He had been tagged by one of his professors in relation to the results of the licensure exam. Chills were converted into tears of joy when he officially became one of the 2,326 examinees who had successfully passed the nationwide Electronics Engineer (ECE) board examination which took place last October 20-21, 2018.

“I was expectant that I would pass, but I did not expect myself to cry; the emotions that were bottled up inside of me, which were combinations of happiness, stress, and exhaustion, all poured out like a flood,” he said.

Samboy describes himself as a hardworking student who knows how to strike the balance between working hard and enjoying life. As his responsibilities increased, he also ensured that his relationships were properly nurtured. “I am also that person who would stay up all night just to comfort a friend and lend an ear that listens to the cries of their hearts,” he said. His love overflows from a heart that seeks to generously give and be a blessing to people. “I am also an ambitious son who wants to give the good life that my family deserves, because in my family, I have always had the willingness to be the provider,” he added.

To encourage future examinees, he revealed that that having the proper mindset is essential to one’s success. He explains that this must be coupled with a positive outlook in life. “Never doubt yourself and always believe that you can do it; we are smarter than we think we are,” he explained.

Samboy dedicates his success to God and his family. As an SM scholar, he wants everyone to know that SM Foundation had greatly contributed to his academic advancement. “Through SM Foundation, I was able to study without worrying about the expenses and this helped me in achieving my goals.” Moreover, he warmly thanks NU-Asia Pacific College for preparing him for this momentous event in his life. “The program of ECE is really special, strategic, and advantageous as it integrates the review in our curriculum,” he explained.

When asked about how his life would look like five years from now, he said, “I see myself as a successful young man in the broadcast engineering industry and as a professor who imparts knowledge to his students.” As a huge K-drama fan who definitely has a creative side to his personality, he also sees himself as an expressive blogger and future businessman.