"GELeaps" for Issues that Matter

By: Mary Easter Claire S. Perez-Torres

The General Education (GE) Program of the School of Multimedia and Arts under the GE Director, Mr. Argeo Barrios, recently launched its first series of Innovated Alternative Instruction events. Guest speakers with extensive background took center stage in delivering out-of-classroom sessions that tackled current issues relevant to new GE core subjects.

"GELeaps" or General Education Learning Enhancement Application Series is a continuous string of sessions that augment classroom methodologies currently being implemented in subjects under the program. The activity design follows the framework of flipping the classroom in collaboration with subject experts who are taking over a prescribed session.

Students who are enrolled under specific GE subjects are required to attend the series of talks since every session is a regular class. This GE activity series solidify APC’s commitment to its mission-vision of bridging the academe and the industry. It initially features identified topics of selected GE subjects in the hope that all GE subjects will be covered in the future.

The new GE Cluster offers Commission on Higher Education (CHED) mandatory subjects like The Contemporary World, Ethics, 'Science, Technology, and Society,' Life and Works of Rizal, Art Appreciation, Readings in Philippine History, Mathematics in the Modern World, Understanding the Self, Purposive Communication, and subjects implemented by institutions like Professional Ethics and Applied Projects across all programs of every school.

For its pilot installment last October 24, 2018, GE Leaps highlighted the subject "Contemporary World" through an insightful discussion on the challenges of transnationalist migrations, particularly about cases from the Philippines. Mr. Jerome Alcantara, Executive Director of the Blas F. Ople Policy Center and Training Institute, a non-governmental organization, was the witty speaker. His insights provided students with a new perspective of global and national labor migration trends. He also discussed the challenges that Filipino migrant workers are facing and how government and non-governmental sectors work to mitigate them.

The second session focused on Sustainability and Green Technology which is a topic under Science, Technology, and Society. Envirogreen Vice President Dr. Nora O. Castada, a non-governmental organization which has the advocacy of promoting a balanced ecosystem and sustainable agronomy, provided a lively and interesting discussion. The fulcrum of the talk was to guide students in understanding the interrelationship between sustainable development and other aspects or fields of life.

"GELeaps" intends to carry on with the NU-Asia Pacific College tradition of constantly innovating its academic approach to keep up with the fast dynamics of global education and enhancement in instruction, in high hopes of offering enhanced delivery and quality lessons to students.