Storytellers Activated

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The art of storytelling is a powerful tool that working professionals can use in the business world. Mastering this skill unlocks the potential that employers are looking for in job applicants.

Senior Contributor Kathy Caprino of Forbes, a global media company, interviewed Dr. Murray Nossel from Columbia University regarding the power of storytelling. He explained that the ability to connect with another person is utilized when one chooses to use the art of storytelling. “The quality of connection that results from storytelling is deeper, more lasting, more resonant, and therefore qualitatively more powerful than other means of communication,” Murray told Caprino.

APC aims to produce lifelong learning graduates who are anchored on principles of integrity and professionalism. In line with this mission, English Program Director Kareen Gancio organized a workshop on creative speaking last June 7, 2019. She invited a multitalented speaker, Karl Alexis C. Jingco, who is also an art educator, actor, host, stage director, and founder of Story Nights Manila. Karl encouraged both students and faculty to connect with each other through interactive games. The participants learned to overcome their behavioral inhibition and communication apprehensions. Those who came in shy left the room with a “lion’s gaze” as Dr. Nossel calls it.