Student Affairs


The Office of Student Affairs promotes student development and welfare by providing support academically, socially and spiritually in order for them to develop as ethical, competent, knowledgeable professionals in their field.

General Objectives

To provide student-centered and student-driven programs to enhance the personal, social, emotional and spiritual growth of students for empowerment

• To provide opportunities, activities and services necessary for students to be globally competitive, with skills able to respond to the most rigorous and competitive environment worldwide, guided by the APC core values – integrity, industry and innovation.
• To enrich student’s personality and maturity by providing various learning activities beyond the classroom
The Student Welfare Program includes basic services that promote student well-being. Services include:



  • Admissions


  • Information and Orientation
    • Freshmen / Transferee


    • Handbook
    • Library
    • Foreign Students
    • Scholarship
    • NSTP
    • Student Affairs, Guidance, Admissions, SAO, Registrar, Accounting, Logistics, Library, Discipline, Community Services Programs


    • Discipline
    • Library
    • Registrar
    • Student Affairs, Guidance, Admissions
    • Community Services
  • Scholarships and/or Financial Assistance

Admissions, Guidance, Programs, Student Services Office

  • Health

Clinic, Building Administration

  • Food

Food Committee, Building Admin

  • Guidance

Guidance Office

  • Career and Placement

Career and Placement Office

  • Discipline

Discipline Office

  • Safety and Security

Security Office, Discipline Office

  • Dormitory

Building Administration

  • Foreign Students

Registrar’s Office, Guidance Office

  • Feedback / Service Evaluation

All Offices

The Student Development Program is designed for the exploration, enhancement and development of the student's full potential for personal development, leadership and social responsibility through a variety of institutional and/or student-initiated activities.



  • Student Organizations and Activities

Student Activities

  • Performing Arts

Student Activities

  • Scholarships and/or Financial Assistance

Admissions, Guidance, Executive Directors, Student Affairs

  • Seminars, Workshops and Training Programs (e.g. Leadership, Team Building, Career Path, Drug Testing)

Student Activities, Guidance, Career and Placement, Discipline

  • Sports

Student Activities

  • Social and Community Involvement

Community Services Office

  • Spiritual/ Faith

Campus Ministry


Telephone: 852-9232 local 206
Fax: 8522648