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APC believes in the power of progressive education. This is achieved when students acquire immersive experiences through industry-based projects.



APC is the school of choice for those aspiring to attain world-class education with a strong IT-based foundation. 

The College is devoted to advancing knowledge and educating students in information technology, commerce, engineering, accountancy, entrepreneurship, multimedia arts, and other areas of scholarship that will best serve the global community in the 21st century. Graduates of APC are now found in all sectors of businesses and industries. They translate their knowledge into products, services, and jobs.

Our Schools

Senior High School

Ensures that its courses are aligned to the requirements and standards of the industry so that after two years, SHS students are prepared for both work and college education

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School of Computing and Information Technologies

Offers a curriculum that highlights theories, concepts, algorithmic foundations, implementation, and application of information, computing, and innovative solutions.

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School of Engineering

Covers vast fields of specializations from system and network administration to software, robotics, and artificial intelligence

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School of Management

Hones its graduates in preparation for job opportunities in the financial industry, field of management accounting, tourism and travel industry, marketing, as well as functional areas of an organization.

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School of
Multimedia and Arts

Blends IT and audio-visual arts so that graduates can break into the animation and game development industry which includes advertising, TV, and film industries

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School of Architecture

Hones future-ready architects immersed with the needed skills and abilities to utilize technology to generate trailblazing architectural solutions to present and future built-environment challenges.

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Graduate School

Provides a smooth and efficient transition from the undergraduate degree toward more advanced knowledge and strategic skills.

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