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By APC on Oct 08, 2015
Asia Pacific College (APC) has collaborated with Microsoft Philippines for the enhancement of its senior high school curriculum.
By APC on Oct 02, 2015
Students from the School of Computing and Information Technologies once again proved that they have what it takes to acquire industry certifications even before graduation. Last January 6, 2015, five students passed the IBM-DB2 Certification exam while 26 students made it last May 15, 2015
By APC on Sep 11, 2015
August 19, 2015 - Asia Pacific College (APC) recently forged an academic partnership with Microsoft Philippines for the enhancement of its Senior High School curriculum.
By APC on Sep 03, 2015
It is undeniable that teenagers today are very active when it comes to online presence. Though the internet may be very useful to them, it also exposes them to online dangers like cyberbullying.
By APC on Jul 30, 2015
Communication is an essential part of our lives. Without it we will not be able to express what we feel and will not be able to understand others.