BS Civil Engineering

The Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (BS CE) program composes of three full years of intense civil engineering courseworks in accordance to the minimum requirements of the Commission of Higher Education (CHED). The BSCE program will have a total of 215 units with the first four trimesters ranging from 24 to 23 units, the succeeding with 19 equally divided units until the end of the third year and 9 units each trimester on the fourth year. 

The first year is designed to encompass the engineering foundation courses as well as the general tertiary education, which includes physical education subjects and national service programs. The second year is designed to focus on the civil engineering topics which are essential to the foundations and major of Civil Engineering and reflected in the licensure examination. The third year is designed to focus specialization topics and courses that can be applied through the student’s thesis topics at the end of this year. The fourth year is designed to prepare students in their review for the Civil Engineering licensure board examination and two trimesters of internship with a duration of six months to prepare graduating students for employment in the civil engineering industry.

APC offers five Civil Engineering specializations which the students can choose from after familiarizing themselves with their majors and before entering their third year. The speciailzations offered are the following:

  1. Construction Management Engineering (BSCE-CME)
  2. Geotechnical Engineering (BSCE-GTE)
  3. Structural Engineering (BSCE-STE)
  4. Transportation Engineering (BSCE-TPE)
  5. Water Resources Engineering (BSCE-WRE)


Program Duration:
4 years