Academic Services || Medical Bulletin – COVID-19 Guidance for the APC Community, Advice for the Public

Asia Pacific College (APC) is monitoring the ongoing Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak. The health and well-being of everyone on campus is the school’s priority now. To date, no APC student, faculty or staff has been positively diagnosed with COVID-19. 

Nonetheless, contingency plans have been set up to handle any eventuality. APC management will continue to update the community regularly.

APC is following the COVID-19 Prevention programs specified by the Makati City government and CHED:

  • Monitoring the body temperature of everyone coming into the building
  • Alcohol available in entrances and individual offices for disinfection
  • Anti-bacterial soap available near wash basins for thorough hand cleaning
  • Wipe-down of elevator buttons and handrails with disinfectants
APC’s Building Maintenance Office, together with the Campus Architect, is conducting a campus-wide sanitation procedure this week to ensure that the entire APC community is a safe, clean, and virus-free environment.
Aside from using standard cleaning solutions such as liquid alcohol and Lysol disinfectant sprays, the team is conducting floor-by-floor and floor-to-ceiling sanitizing through industrial spraying machines and laborious manual wiping of all contact surfaces, with special attention to areas like the cafeteria, dormitories and other high-density spaces.

A team of cleaners has been formed to follow the heightened disinfecting protocols, focusing on disinfecting common areas of the building during off-peak hours. 

For your reference, below are links from the World Health Organization that discusses how you can protect yourself and others from getting sick:


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