Livelihood Program

The livelihood program aims to facilitate the transfer of information and green technology solutions to maximize community resources toward increasing productivity as a response to augment the financial needs of the APC partner communities.

Growing Lettuce Using the Hydroponics Method

The School of Engineering (SoE) has an on-going project in Forward Taguig Habitat Neighborhood Association (FTHNA) and currently handled Engr. Paulo Cosio, the SoE Extension Coordinator. This project aims to train interested participants in urban gardening. This is the outcome of the conducted Participatory Analysis of the Psychology Program from the School of Multimedia and Arts in Forward Taguig Habitat Neighborhood Association. They found out that some of the participants had loans from different microfinance due to a lack of alternative sources of income to augment their daily needs. In response to this concern, the community expressed that they would to learn new skills and actual training about “Urban Gardening” like “hydroponics.” They view this project as sustainable and a big help to their financial challenges.

Phase 1 of the Project

Phase 1 of the project commences on February 4, 2023, and ended on March 23, 2023. The SoE provided materials needed for the nursery and greenhouse and technical support from the day of this project. The first harvest was sold-out at Asia Pacific College. All the participants, SoE Team, APC Community were happy to support the aspiration of the FTHAN Community.