Blast from the Past! Senior High School Students celebrate History Week

By: Donna Loyola

Knowing about the country and its real story is one of the greatest insights that the youth can gain. The Senior High School (SHS) students celebrated history week last August 19 through 24. Organized by the Social Science Cluster of the SHS Department, the event’s primary purpose was to ignite nationalism and awareness within the hearts of students who are both members of the youth and future leaders of the country.

The celebration had a film viewing exhibit at the school’s audio-visual room (AVR) found inside the library. Each video had significant information on different historical events and prominent people of the Philippines. This included women’s rights, the role of ancient women called “Babaylans” in Philippine society, the story of Magellan’s rediscovery of the Philippines, the accounts of numerous Martial Law survivors, the experiences of an overseas Filipino worker (OFW), and the different heroes in our country such as Miguel Malvar and Patrocino Gamboa.

A contest titled “Watch & Win” was conducted. Students shared their insights on the clips viewed within the exhibit. Winners were chosen among the Facebook and Twitter posts that were tagged with hashtags #KasaysaRAM and #HistoryWeekAtAPC. These lucky students received tickets to the Mabining Mandirigma musical which took place in the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) Complex from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Beyond these winners, the students were also allowed to watch the musical which artistically portrayed the story of Apolinario Mabini’s life. It tackled the hero’s contributions to the fight against the Spaniards, Americans, and Filipino Illustrados who threatened their freedom. The play also showed how he used his intelligence to create laws and help Aguinaldo form the republic and the constitution.

Beyond Mabini’s life story and significance, the musical also showed the characteristics of people in the government. It also showed how the ordinary Filipino people took part in the revolution of the Philippines. The cast also connected the country’s contemporary issues with what had happened in the past.

After the musical performances, an open forum with the cast ensued. The actors and the writer himself entertained questions from the audience. Through the Q & A portion, they were able to clearly express and emphasize the message of the musical.

Photo courtesy of John Michael R. Santos