In Photos || SoMA’s General Education Program Holds 1st GE Leaps Session

The General Education program of the School of Multimedia and Arts (SoMA) held its first seminar in GE Leaps. Also known as “General Education Learning Enhancement Application Series”, the series aims to carry on with the APC tradition of constantly innovating its academic approach to keep up with the fast dynamics of global education and enhancement in instruction with the hopes of offering a better quality of lesson delivery to students.

During the session, IBM’s Corporate Social Responsibility Manager Abigail Lesaca highlighted IBM Skillsbuild as an effective platform in lifelong learning and continuous retooling to catch up with the fast-paced demands of various industries.

Students currently taking General Education subjects such as The Contemporary World, Ethics, Life and Works of Rizal, Art Appreciation, Readings in Philippine History, Understanding the Self, and Purposive Communication joined the first session of GE Leaps held last October 11, 2023. Photos by Jervis Gonzales

IBM Corporate Social Responsibility Manager Abigail Lesaca engages with APC students during the first session of GE Leaps. Photos by Jervis Gonzales

General Education Program Director Arch. Manolet Garcia highlighted the importance of learning beyond the four walls of the classroom during the first session of GE Leaps. Photo by Jervis Gonzales.



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