Intern of the Week || Rhyss Brian Cadungan

“I do not think I will survive my internship without the Information Security subject I took when I was in my second year. The subject gave me a head start on general security concepts, security case analysis, and information security, which helped me during my interview and entire journey in PLDT.”
Rhyss Brian Cadungan, a BS Information Technology student specializing in Mobile and Internet Technologies, completed his internship in PLDT. He is one of the 19 APC students who took the Cyber Warrior Course (CWC), a program that aims to immerse students in various real-world situations that would allow them to solve cybersecurity issues.
The featurette “APC Intern of the Week” is a collaboration between the Publications Office and Internship Office, which aims to highlight the experiences of APC’s internship students.
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