Permission to Leave

By: Sharmaine Alilin
Illustrated by: Angelo Robles

You and me

We are allowed to leave any story we don’t find ourselves in
We are allowed to leave any chapter we don’t love ourselves in
I am allowed to leave a galaxy that has washed away my stars
Instead of making me glow brighter

I am allowed to pack up and grow somewhere else
And I am allowed to redefine the meaning of my life
You are allowed to quit on something that does not make you happy
Even if the people around you are against it

We are allowed to search for something that will fill our hearts
With contentment and peace of mind
Something that will excite us when we wake up tomorrow
The next day, and for the rest of our lives

I am allowed to leave those whom I love if they are treating me unacceptably
I am allowed to make myself a priority
And leave if I tried so many times but still nothing has changed
You are allowed to let the negative people go, and walk away from arguments

You are allowed to surround yourself with positivity
That would help you become better, not pull you down and break you
We are allowed to choose the kind of energy we need in our lives



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