Eyes Made of Emerald

the eyes of emerald_jethro rellones
By: Joseph R. Obsenada

Your eyes were the most beautiful.
It was the first thing I noticed about you,
as you obviously drank your coffee away.

I admired from a distance
As I did not have the courage to confront your beauty,
until I did, on one fateful night.

When I finally got the courage to approach you,
it was heaven when you said yes to me and I’ll never forget that feeling.
That’s why I promise to always be there for you no matter what.

“I love those emerald eyes of yours”
Was the last thing I said to you while you screamed for help.
“Thank you so much for completing my collection, Evelyn.
It’ll fit nicely with Eliza’s and Lily’s.”
I injected the anesthesia slowly into you and whispered,
“Don’t worry you, I love you equally.”