Thank You for Existing

Thank You for existing _ Paula Denise Tongol
By: Alilin, Sharmaine Joyce O.
Illustrated by: Paula Denisse Tongol

You are a failure
No one’s going to say
“Thank you for existing”

Heads up because
You do not deserve to live
If you think that
You are special, incredible, and awesome
Don’t believe in those things.

Your failed grades, complicated life, and self;
Is what you are destined for
Being appreciative, trustworthy, and kind
Is a waste of time

Running away from your problems
Is not easy, but you always try

Seeing your mistakes as lessons
Is something that you never did
Degrading your own capabilities
Was what you always do

Motivating yourself
Was a dumb thing to do

You know that
Everyone’s thinking of your future failures
They may be right

Unless we look at the bright side  

(Now read this backwards: bottom to top)



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