Garden Flowers

By: Kamille Pangantihon
Artwork by Chris Harold Medina

Roses, sunflowers, and tulips 
They blossom from different gardens 
Gleaming with vibrant colors 
Diffusing fragrant aromas  

Beautiful, romantic, majestic 
They grew alluringly iopposite seasons
Yet they share a synonymous fate
They will be handpicked and soon wither 

Some will be tossed in the sky with glee
Some will be drifted along with the waves of sea
Some will be offered, some will be returned
And some will be kept in between a thousand words 
– stored within the pages of an old, dusty book 

Their pigments will wash off and their petals will crumble
But what’s beautiful about flowers
Is that they carry a lasting scent of nostalgia
A scent that will remain and endure for a long while  

Precious in their peculiar ways
All of them made a momentous stay
I hope that you, too, will find your enchanting style
To be remembered and kept, like a timeless garden flower



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