SoM Fest (Day 1): “All Or Nothing” Begins on a High Note

By: Alexus Norsaid D. Sabanal
Photos by Francheska Serafico, Jose Realino, & Mark Nicole Dela Torre

SoM Executive Director Manuel Magbuhat and APC President Teresita Medado formally open "SoM Fest"

Students and faculty members from the School of Management (SoM) came together to bet big and take risks in this year’s SOM Fest titled “All or Nothing.”

Thanks to the active participation of students from the Business Management Group (BMAG), Junior People Management Association of the Philippines (JPMAP), APC Junior Philippine Institute of Accountancy (APCJPIA), Asia Pacific Junior Marketing Association (APJMA), Ardenatics Entertainment Production (AE), and Tourism Management Society (TMSOC), SoM Fest 2019: All Or Nothing brought excitement to many students from October 23 through 25, 2019.

APCDC performs the group's elimination piece from the Dance Supremacy Division during the opening of SOM Week
Manny Magbuhat, Executive Director for the School of Management, motivates the students

SoM Fest 2019: Opening Program

Event hosts Sean Gonio (Left) and Abby Gail Tiongson (Right) strike a pose as they stand back to back
School of Management student Kirsten Irineo leads the oathtaking ceremony

Hosted by Abby Gail Tiongson and Sean Luke Gonio, SoM Fest 2019 was officially opened on October 23 at the school parking, beginning at 9:00 a.m. The program featured a parade of the competing teams for SoM Sports Fest 2019, an outstanding performance from the APC Dance Company (APC DC), and the introduction of candidates for Mr. and Ms. SoM 2019. SoM Executive Director Manuel Magbuhat gave the remarks while Mary Kirsten V. Irineo led the stating of the oath of sportsmanship. The program then concluded with the cutting of the ribbon to mark the beginning of SoM Fest 2019: All or Nothing.

Father Lorenzo Ruggiero transubstantiates the bread and wine during the Liturgy of the Eucharist

Thanksgiving Mass

Afterward, the Thanksgiving Mass held at Chapel 4 of St. Alphonsus Mary de Liguori Parish Chapels happened from 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m. Organized by APCJPIA, the mass was presided by Fr. Lorenzo Ruggiero who delivered the gospel and spoke about the virtue of obedience.

School of Management Faculty member Roy Avecilla praises SoM students for their excellent work in preparing for the Mr. & Ms. SoM 2019 Pageant
Mutya ng Pilipinas Miss Gibi 2019 and judge for Mr. & Ms. SoM 2019 Jessica Villa dashes through the stage of the APC Auditorium
(L-R) Joshua Luspo and Kyla Oamil represents the School of Marketing and Advertising
(L-R) School of Tourism representatives Rafael Mondejar and Cassandra Lim
(L-R) Candidates from the School of Accountancy Miguel Gonio and Celine Ochea
(L-R) Bradley Mina and Elijah Gadiano proudly represent the School of Business Management
Competing for the crown, contenders confidently exhibit their white top casual wear; (L-R) Rafael Mondejar, Cassandra Lim, Bradley Mina, Elijah Gadiano, Miguel Gonio, Celine Ochea, Joshua Luspo, and Kyla Oamil
APC Dance Company gives an energetic performance
Mr. & Ms. SoM 2019 organizers and judges; (L-R) Hans Cortez, Alexia Ongpuaco, Kenneth Rafanan II, Samantha De Guzman, Jessica Villa, & Sharmaine Alilin
Supporters from the School of Management cheer for their favorite candidates

Mr. and Ms. SoM 2019: Pre-pageant

The last event for the day was the Mr. and Ms. SoM Pre-pageant which took place at the school auditorium from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. Spearheaded by Sharmaine Olli Alilin, the preliminary pageant featured a casual interview, a catwalk, and the question and answer portion between the judges and the candidates. The APC DC gave another exceptional dance number for the students to enjoy.

The candidates for Mr. and Ms. SoM 2019 are as follows: Joshua Luspo and Kyla Oamil from Marketing, Rafael Mondejar and Cassandra Lim from Tourism Management, Miguel Gonio and Celine Ochea from Accountancy, and Bradley Mina and Elijah Gadiano from Business Management. They were scored and judged by Ms. APC 2013 2nd Runner-up Samantha De Guzman, Mutya ng Pilipinas Miss Gibi 2019 Jessica Villa, and SoM Fest 2019 Chairman Kenneth Rafanan II.