Will any SHS subject in APC be credited to college?

Currently, there are no guidelines provided by CHED and DepED regarding crediting Senior High School (SHS) subjects to college subjects. Most college programs also do not have new approved curriculum, with the exception of IT which will be implemented in 2018. APC SHS however has already prepared possible crediting but we still have to wait for the guidelines coming from CHED and DepEd; if there will be crediting, re-enrollment will be under a CHED/DepEd guideline. As far as we know, GE subjects cannot be credited.

For APC, using its right to Academic Freedom, its SHS specializations are designed in such a way that certain subjects could be credited for college, although not 1:1 crediting. This will be decided within the School level e.g. SoCIT, SoE, SoM, and SoMA. A student’s performance in the subject, course & degree program to be enrolled in, and the over-all behavior are subject to the School’s evaluation.

What happens to students in APC after Gr. 12?

APC designed its Senior High School Program in such a way that students have two (2) exit points: either the student goes to college to finish a degree or go to work. Also, the APC Career & Placement Office assists in endorsing graduates to APC’s industry partners for work.

Is the APC SHS Program at par with other institutions?

Applying all the best practices in the College, including maintaining strong partnerships with various industries where the SHS graduate could apply in, the APC SHS Program is not just at par with other academic institutions offering Grades 11 & 12 but also offers more windows of opportunity. Built by industry stalwarts SM and IBM, APC is a Microsoft Showcase School which means all its graduates receive the benefits of APC’s formal academic partnership with IT giant, Microsoft. APC started offering SHS in 2012 and graduated students are already hired in various industry partners.

How long should SHS subjects be?

APC follows DepEd’s prescribed number of hours per subject. Each subject requires 80 hours of classroom instruction per term. APC reviewed the distribution of subjects across six (6) academic terms, as well as the start and end of classes.

What student activities & organizations can students participate in?

SHS and college students are encouraged to join one to three (1-3) student organizations. These provide them opportunities to develop various skills holistically. Among these organizations are Dance Company, Strings, Teatro Fileo, and Speaks. SHS students are also welcome to join RAMPage, APC’s official paper publication. Activities such as College week and School week are among those that students can participate in. Students are encouraged, and are given equal opportunity, to participate in many and different co-curricular and extra-curricular activities in and outside APC.

Are there enough qualified teachers for the SHS classes?

APC ensures that every class is handled by a qualified & competent teacher. Teachers handle only subjects that are in their field of expertise. A substitute teacher takes charge of the class in the absence of the subject teacher.

What reference books or SHS Textbooks can students use?

APC maximizes its use of electronic tools in the classroom e.g. Microsoft OneNote. References are available in the library. Teachers provide notes via OneNote and email. Other reference materials such as session guides and online resources are also made available and accessible to students.

What is APC’s Grading System?

The APC Grading System for both SHS and College can be found in the Student’s Handbook.
Click this link.

Where can we get a copy of the Calendar of Activities?

The Collegiate Calendar for each school year and for every term is posted on the APC website. Click this link.
A copy of the SHS Calendar is also posted on the website through this link.

How can parents & guardians be updated about students’ performance?

Each class has an assigned Class Adviser whom parents & guardians could check with regarding their children’s academic performance. The APC SHS program, like the College, follows a trimestral calendar. Each student gets a mid-term grade on the 8th week of the term and a final grade at the end of every term. Midterm grades will be sent to parents via email while final grades will be given to the parents in print during grades distribution. Special cases would be communicated directly to the parents through the class advisers.

Where can we view students’ grades?

Both college and SHS parents receive notice of grades via SMS and may view details of students’ grades on the APC website. Click this link.

How do we know if our students are always attending and not cutting classes?

Teachers and class advisers are closely monitoring the attendance of the students. Regulated lunch breaks and dismissal are implemented to ensure that the students are attending their classes and prevent students from cutting classes. The Discipline and the Guidance Offices also help in monitoring the students’ behavior.


How much does the SHS tuition cost?

SHS costs Php45, 000 per school year. This is half of the average APC college tuition and scholarship is already included/built in.

Are there available scholarships in APC?

APC does not offer merit scholarships; only financial assistance. SHS students are guaranteed college admission in APC with the same financial aid given in SHS e.g. students from public schools are given public school subsidy when they finish SHS and go to college in APC.

Is the use of vouchers from DepEd extended until the completion of Gr. 12?

DepEd’s voucher program covers the 2-year SHS Grades 11 & 12. All Grade 10 completers from public high school and ESC private high schools of 2016 are automatically granted with a voucher. Other grantees were granted by DepEd directly via online application. The 2-year voucher program only applies to grantees who pursue and finish SHS in two (2) consecutive years.


Can APC provide a Shuttle Service beyond Magallanes?

APC allotted a day in May 2016 for parents/guardians to sign-up with an APC-accredited School Service Operator. However, since the required number was not met, it did not materialize. But with more interested parents and guardians, APC is willing to reschedule the activity for parents to sign up. APC, however, waives its accountability as to any arrangement between the operator and the parents/guardians.

Following is the School Service Company which was accredited by APC last summer.

High Level Transport Corporation
Contact Person: Zenaida "Zeny" San Pedro
Contact Nos.: 0921 4864228 / 0922 8694214 / 475-6293 / 842-1815

How secure, safe, and prepared is APC for disasters?

APC security is in the school premises 24/7. The Building Administrator also looks after the maintenance of the facilities and conducts fire and earthquake drills regularly. APC actively participates in metro-wide/nationwide disaster preparations, being a member of the Magallanes community.

Where can students & guests park?

APC community members may use the three (3) - level basement parking and Humabon side parking.

Can the potholes along Humabon Place be repaired?

Humabon side parking lot is owned by Ayala Land, Inc. (ALI), which the Magallanes community (APC being part of it) uses for free. Negotiations with ALI for APC to use and maintain the parking lot (a usufruct agreement) is ongoing.

Are the meals in the APC Cafeteria not too pricey?

APC Management enforces price regulations on concessionaires, while maintaining the quality and variety of food.

Can the APC Cafeteria accommodate all the students during their lunch break?

Differentiated lunch breaks are designed to accommodate all the students’ lunch breaks. Marshals are also deployed to regulate the overstaying students in the cafeteria during lunch breaks.

Can APC students have a uniform to lessen clothing expenses?

APC, being a bridge of the academe and the industry, teaches its students early on to learn and have a sense of professionalism, starting with the clothes they wear. It enforces a strict Corporate Attire policy from Mondays thru Thursdays. Students may dress casually on Fridays & Saturdays. They need not spend on expensive clothing but are encouraged & taught to invest in quality business clothes that they may still use during their internship and on their first few years of employment.

Can APC classrooms accommodate all its students?

APC has enough classrooms for all its students. Most classrooms have standard-sized chairs and desks while some have standard armchairs.

Are the student lockers safe?

Each APC student is assigned a locker all throughout their stay in APC. Students have to provide their own padlock and are accountable for the contents of the locker assigned to them. CCTVs are in operation 24/7 in the corridors where lockers are situated.