APC Student Joins AWS Educate Student Ambassador Program

A student from the School of Computing and Information Techologies (SoCIT) was recently accepted in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Educate Student Ambassador Program.

BS Information Technology student Adrian John Antonio was recently offered to take part in the AWS Educate Student Ambassador program this May.

“I think there are things in life that we have to take based on gut feeling rather than rationality,” Adrian shares as he notes what encouraged him to take the program. After his friends showed an e-mail invitation for the said program, he found out that he also received an invitation, prompting Adrian to apply for the program as well.

Prior to his application to the program, Adrian took some preparations first. “Before writing anything in the application form, I watched some courses at LinkedIn Learning about cloud computing, AWS, and leadership in technology,” Adrian notes.

Although Adrian did not expect to get accepted in the program, he thinks it would be a good opportunity to learn new things.

“I’ll utilize what I learned from the program. Maybe the first thing I’ll try is develop a game then integrate some AWS services to it. I want to use the service for fun,” Adrian notes.

The AWS Educate Student Program, which is open to students enrolled in a college or university, provides career development opportunities and other benefits for student members enrolled in colleges or universities.