Health & Environment

The health and environment is one of the basic and minimum human rights of the person. Thus, APC as a technologically and digitally enabled continuously explore innovations in promoting well-being and awareness of caring for the planet Earth.

Asia Pacific College Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic in Partnership with Barangay Magallanes

Despite the global pandemic, Asia Pacific College still has managed to give back to the community through its extension services in any way possible given the situation.


Asia Pacific College has always been partnering with Barangay Magallanes in fulfilling its purpose of delivering service to its community. APC’s premise has big spaces that can accommodate activities and events. The Barangay Hall Area of Barangay Magallanes is not spacious enough to accommodate its residents with compliance with the safety protocols specifically for observing social distancing. APC has offered to Barangay Magallanes to use the premise spaces in delivering the Barangay’s Social Services to its residents and tap APC’s staff whenever needed help with the implementation. The following were the activities conducted on the premise of APC:

Vaccines for Senior Citizens

(First Rollout, April 13-17, 2021; Second Rollout, May 11-14, 2021; Third Rollout, November 26-December 3, 2021).

Architect Jose Manuel V. Garcia from the Building and Maintenance Office (BMO) of Asia Pacific College ensures the safety and comfort of our senior citizens within the premise during the vaccination rollouts by implementing strong observation of the minimum health protocols of the Department of Health.

In the second session, they discussed about “Personal Finance.” Our guest speaker, the president of the Finance Educators Association of the Philippines, discussed the importance of budgeting and saving. After this, an APC student taught the effective ways of budgeting and saving, with a step-by-step guide on the easy-to-follow budget plan.

All the attendees of the workshop had a worksheet to answer. The worksheets had activities where they would first create a budget plan for a premise and where they would create their own personal budget plan. The great news is that every fully filled up the worksheets and did all the computations correctly, which ensures us that they have learned from the teachings. The attendees were proud of themselves and were excited to share their new learnings with the rest of the members of the association. “Ipapakita ko sa kanila (the other members) ang tamang paraan ng pag-bubudget” (I will show them the right way of budgeting.). Their answered worksheets were taken home with them as their guide.

Passport on Wheels for Magallanes Residents (July 8-9, 2021)

The Passport-on-Wheels of Barangay Magallanes for its resident in partnership with the Department of Foreign Affairs.

PSA Birth, Marriage Certificate Assistance (August 4, 2021), National ID Application (Sept.-7-9, 2021)

The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) provided assistance to the residents of Barangay Magallanes at the Asia Pacific College to process their Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Certificate of No Marriage, and other concerns related to their legal registrations.



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