A Twist of Faith

By: Julian Bass
Artwork by Chris Harold Medina

Lost, I feel in this daze; a rift creeping forth
But I know, I know my vision is clear
Perhaps all too clear… as my mind drifts away
From the man she’s always called ‘dear’

Her faith is all but waning 
Her face, graced by the hand of God
Gleams with the purity of the dawning sun
My sweet, dazzling enigma

I, like many a man, woman, and child
Crave that which I do not understand
As my seams begin to tear…
…the skirmish of my mind and heart
Faces me with my greatest opponent 

The man of fact and science 
Logic-bound and calculating…
…who looks not to divine intervention
But to mathematical induction to see the world
And the man who looks to her
One of flesh and faith…
…who looks to the beauty of Christ
Savior of her world

Who is more deluded?
Who has his mind concluded?
To deny my view is to deny my very existence
But she…
…she is my existence
My guiding light to the ends of the earth

A Lord with the world seated on His palm…
…with the sacrifice of His son to save man from sin
Such a development should not have been possible, but perhaps…
…perhaps my sacrifice

Love… my love is all but a lie
To let the machinations of my mind blind me…
…is a tragic end to that which I hold most dear

I shall seek Him; I will stumble, and fall…
…but I will learn for her and from her
This deliverance will give me…
…the strength to see the path with new eyes
And open my soul to hers
And by the grace of His light
We will join Him in the sun



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