IT Analytics & Machine Learning

The IT ANALYTICS TRACK prepares the students to become effective data analysts by enhancing knowledge and skills in databases, learning data mining and managing analytics projects to effectively lead analytics and AI projects. Aside from the use of business intelligence tools, skills in R and Python are applied with various data mining techniques. Each module in the track is  54 hours.

Fundamentals of Analytics and NoSQL

This module provides students with an overview of the current trends in information technology that drives today’s business. It also provides students with basic understanding of big data, enterprise data management using data warehouse and NoSQL databases, analytics, business intelligence and data science. Students will learn how to evaluate data sets and apply information for better decision making. The module will also introduce different tools and methods used in business analytics to provide the students with opportunities to apply these techniques in simulations in a computer laboratory and present findings into meaningful infographics.

Data Mining and Analytics Project

This module focuses on data mining techniques and algorithm and applying analytics in a project. The students will be taught how to manage analytics projects, and how it applies to the business, and public policy.

Programming R for Analytics

This module teaches students how to explore and properly visualize data using R for analytics.

Unstructured Data Analytics and Data Focused Python

This module explores unstructured data analytics using Python. Topics on deep-learning will also be discussed.

  • MS Teams
  • VMPlayer
  • NoSQL Databases (Redis, MongoDB, Cassandra, Neo4J)
  • Analytics Programming Tools (R, Python)
  • Business Intelligence Tool (Tableau, SAS, depending on client preference)
  • Microsoft Excel