Mobile & Internet Technologies

The MOBILE PROGRAMMING TRACK aims to provide exposure in creating IT applications and services for mobile and internet technologies. As the range of mobile technologies grow rapidly, the mobile market has become the driver of new technology and business models for the entire high-tech market, especially as mobile devices become more connected to the Internet and require a rich multimedia experience. Each module is 54 hours.

Web Programming

This module covers User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) Design that aims to provide optimum UIUX that are applied to a web-based application.  The students will be guided in creating a web application, with appropriate functions and features.

Mobile Programming

This module gives participants an introduction to developing native mobile applications for Android mobile devices using Google’s Android Studio development environment. Participants will learn the basics of creating an Android mobile application, using either an emulated device running on their computers, or deployed directly to their respective Android phones. Participants will also learn how native mobile development differs from traditional web application development, and how they will design their applications to make them mobile friendly. Lastly, this module covers several basic to intermediate Android components that participants can use to create a fully working Android mobile app. Knowledge in basic to intermediate Java programming is a prerequisite for this module.

Mobile Applications

This module provides participants advanced techniques in developing Android applications, which includes multi-threaded mobile application development, use of mobile databases, adding notifications to mobile apps, utilizing device components such as the camera and sensors, animations, integrating Google Maps in mobile applications, and other advanced components, using Google’s Android Studio Platform. This module also includes deploying Android applications either on individual devices, or using Google’s Play Store. Some of Google’s latest technologies, such as the Android Jetpack Architecture and Firebase will also be covered in this module.

Programming Embedded Systems

This module gives students an introduction to and experience in developing applications for embedded systems using a microcontroller board. At the end of this module, students shall develop a simple project for a mobile application utilizing the embedded systems.

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