The CYBERFORENSICS TRACK includes the 3 stages of digital forensic investigation (from acquisition or imaging of exhibits, analysis, to reporting evidence found in computers and digital storage media) under specialization topics on forensic sciences: Principles of Investigation, Legal Studies and Evidence Handling.

Computer Forensics 1

This module discusses the investigation process and evidence handling in digital forensics.  It covers the computer forensic investigation process and evidence handling used in court proceedings, including understanding hard disks & file systems, windows systems forensics, data acquisition & duplication, and recovering deleted files & partitions.

Computer Forensics 2

This module will be the continuation of the computer forensics investigation process and evidence handling. It will cover several topics such as image file forensics, password crackers, mobile forensics, investigative reports, and becoming an expert.

Computer Forensics 3

This module will apply a real-life simulation of the forensic investigation process and evidence handling in a lab environment scenario. This module also deals with the legal aspects of reporting and presenting digital evidence.

Computer Forensics 4

This module is a continuation of the project of Computer Forensics 4.

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