Almost There

By: Jaime Gabrielle Pojol
Artwork by Chris Harold Medina

A fingertip away from a dream 
Holding unto the end and slipping into the dark
It felt so relieving to just let go
To just forget about the pain and sorrow  

The temptation to just fall and be consumed
So afraid and lost within the cold abyss
I don’t want to lose myself
And neither do you

The world seemed to be in a monochrome scheme
A life of redundancies and a life so sheltered
Stuck in a tone so dull that it fits the monochrome world

But there is always that moment when we feel the tiny flame inside us
It burns away the shame and gives us a boost of confidence
We begin to burn bright like an emerging star 

The colors soon filled the monochrome land
A gentle melody began to play and soon, the song evolved into something
It pumps into our veins, it made us motivated 
We began to rise, we began to spread our wings 

We braved ourselves to let go of the sliver thread
We let the darkness consume us and yet we still burned bright
The darkness taunts us with our mistakes
With the past which we wished to forget 
And with the person whom we used to be 

Burn, I say
Fly, I ask
Transform; I dream for you and me 

Let us not grab the end but fly pass it to the top
We’re almost there