APC Bahaghari holds Gender and Sexuality Seminar

By: Ella Mae Oscillada
Photos by: Eloi Igni

PUP Kasarianlan, APC Bahaghari, and APC Students gather after listening to lectures on SOGIE

The APC Bahaghari Organization held a gender and sexuality seminar last August 28, 2019. The goal was to promote a safe and inclusive space for the community to be enlightened about Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and Expression (SOGIE).

Mary Caila Tibayan, President of PUP Kasarianlan, enlightens APC students about SOGIE
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Mairy Caila Tibayan, President of an LGBTQ+ Organization in the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) called PUP Kasarianlan, and King Zeus Cruz, the Internal Vice President, were invited as the guest speakers.

President of Bahaghari, Shynn Gabuat, talks about the launching of Bahaghari
Shein Capila of PUP Kasarianlan briefly shares insights on SOGIE Map
King Zeus Cruz, Internal Vice President of PUP Kasarianlan (right), asks a student about first impressions
Internal Vice President of PUP Kasarianlan, King Zeus Cruz, talks about creating a safe place for everyone
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Gabuat also said that they are planning to have more educational discussions and focused group discussions (FGDs) about timely and relevant topics.

Jeremiah Reyes, APC Bahaghari Adviser, said, "A person can be someone's safe place. We can be a safe place for everyone."
PUP Kasarianlan President Mary Caila Tibayan receives a certificate of appreciation
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“This is the first step in achieving our goals. We realized that the provision of safe and inclusive spaces is simple, yet a lot of people can't provide it because they lack the understanding of what SOGIE really is. The more we try exerting effort in knowing and understanding SOGIE – and the myths and stigma against it – the more we realize that giving safe spaces to this community is a huge help.”



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