APC SoCIT’s first Innovative Global Education concludes with Pitch Night

APC SoCIT’s first Innovative Global Education concludes with Pitch Night

by Alexandrea Chloe P. Baylon

              The Top 10 teams from the School of Multimedia Arts (SoMA) and School of Computing and Information Technologies (SoCIT), identified by international mentors from the CodeDoor platform, participated in the Pitch Night last March 10, 2021, from 5 pm to 7:30 pm, concluding APC SoCIT’s very first Innovative Global Education through IBM SkillsBuild Innovation Camp: Front End Web Development.

              Third-year SoMA and second-year SoCIT students who took subjects APPLDEV, ITELEC2, and WEBPROG during their second term of S.Y. 2020-2021 participated in the program. With the assistance of CodeDoor.Org mentors and APC mentors Jose Eugenio L. Quesada and Hans Oliver M. Shuck II, the participants learned Front End Web Development. This program was made possible by IBM’s SkillsBuild platform and APC’s client-partners from ARISE.PH, RESILIENT.PH, and DOST-STII.

              SoMA and SoCIT were divided into 27 teams, with each team composed of members from both SoMA and SoCIT to make the team interdisciplinary. The teams learned Javascript, system development and important soft skills during their rigorous training, which paved the way for them to develop a website for their client-partners. The Top 10 teams chosen to pitch their websites at the program’s culminating activity were:

Client: Batang VIP (Verde Island Passage)
Coach: Karan Dehghani (CodeDoor.Org)
Team Leader: Franz Bensal – MI191
Team Members:
Ian Lawrence Jesalva – BMMA182
Marco Djolo Gutierrez – BMMA182
Timothy Velasco – MI191
Topino Keith – MI191

Client: Alcofil
Coach:  Marian Adamache (CodeDoor.Org)
Team Leader: Michelle Manadero – BSIT MI192
Team Members:
Louise Gerard Binotapa – BSIT MI192
Richelle P. Cagoco – BSEMC 191
Franz Aeron S. Delos Reyes – BSEMC 191
Marc Kenneth Ricahuerta – BSIT MI192
Paul John Signo – BSIT MI192

Client: JCI Cebu Sinulog
Coach: Olga Gemba (CodeDoor.Org)
Team Leader: Mark Daniel Durian – MI191
Team Members:
Mary Jelean Ellema – MI191
Maria Angela Mallong – MI191
Ehdgin Herson Tindoy – MI191
Maria Theresa Urquiza – MI191

Client: JCI Cebu Sinulog
Coach: Markus Tacker (CodeDoor.Org)
Team Leader: Jasffer T. Padigdig – SS191
Team Members:
Dave Vincent Angel – EMC191
Jet Castaño – BMMA 182
Abigail Joy Evangelista – BMMA182
Marianne Kirstine Gimena – MI192
Amiel Ivan Heramia – EMC191

Client: ODMS Enterprise
Coach: Tobi Lang (CodeDoor.Org)
Team Leader: Christian Paul Pili – MI192
Team Members:
Aian Mark O. Antonio – MI192
Gabrielle Rheana Marie R. Valbuena – MI192
Jose Carlo Munar – MI192
Michael Justine Basco – MI192

Client:  Alubijid Central School, DepEd Alubijid, Misamis Oriental
Coach: Marian Adamache (CodeDoor.Org)
Team Leader: Shariff I. Tacata – BMMA182
Team Members:
Jethro Rellones – BMMA182
Jasper Leandicho – BMMA182
Lloyd Mendoza Carganilla – MI191
Jefferson Obela – BMMA182
Raphael Angelo Mariñas – MI191

Client: Autism Response PH
Coach: Casneil Simpson (CodeDoor.Org)
Team Leader: Joseph Obsenada – BMMA182
Team Members:
John Louie Cortero – MI191
Leandrix Delos Reyes – MI191
John Lester Calzo – MI191
Carl Kenneth Benitez – BMMA182
Joseph Obsenada – BMMA182

Client: Alcofil
Coach: Casneil Simpson (CodeDoor.Org)
Team Leader: John Randell Cacacho
Team Members:
John Randell Cacacho – BMMA181
Marcus Lloyd Fabro – BMMA181
Ace Bryan Lino – BMMA181  

Client: JCI Cebu Sinulog
Coach: Tobi Lang (CodeDoor.Org)
Team Leader: Bea Margarita Andrade – BMMA182
Team Members:
Ivan Joshua Daluz – BMMA182
Bryan Joshua Sendiong – BMMA 182
Christian Paul Duria – CS-SS191
Jan Red Esguerra – CS-SS191
Sim Paul Palacio – CS-SS191

Client:  JCI Cebu Sinulog
Coach: Karan Dehghani (CodeDoor.Org)
Team Leader: Maria Yuca Beltran – SS191
Team Members:
Demeter Renee Caubang – SS191
Steven Da-anton – SS191
Harold Matthew Hermoza – EMC191
Jose Gabrielle Rivera – SS191
Aldwin Vergara – SS191

            Six industry professionals, namely: Cyber Optimus Philippines Inc. Founder and CEO Ernesto Boydon, SM Supermalls Corporate Compliance Group Corporate Compliance Manager Simonette Lat, IBM Technical Community Leader and Director of Presales Jed Cruz, PJ Lhuillier Group of Companies Information Security and IT Governance Division and DPO Vice President and Head Allan August Malig, RCBC Applications Development IT Head Joey Flor, and TensorParc CEO and Cofounder and CodeDoor.org CEO & Chairman of the Executive Board Farid Bidardel. led the judging for the Pitch Night.

             To establish their verdict for the Top 3, the judges first looked into how the teams applied the design thinking mindset, which focused on concepts of user outcomes, coming up with out-of-the-box ideas, and considering diversity, ethics, and privacy. The industry judges also looked into the actual presentations. The criteria included the feasibility of the prototypes, the sustainability of the outputs, and how the teams improved user experience.

In consideration of the criteria, the judges reached the final verdict:

1st Place: CodeTzy (Shariff Tacata, Jethro Rellones, Jefferson Oblea, Jasper Leandicho, Lloyd M. Carganilla, and Raphael Angelo Marinas)
Coach: Marian Adamache
Client: Alubijid Central School, DepEd Alubijid, Misamis Oriental

2nd Place: RD (Maria Yuca Beltran, Demeter Renee Caubang, Steven Da-anton, Harold Matthew Hermoza, Jose Gabrielle Rivera, and Aldwin Vergara)
Coach: Karan Dehghani
Client: JCI Cebu Sinulog

3rd Place: CodeSeekers (Christian Paul Pili, Gabrielle Valbuena, Aian Mark Antonio, Michael Justine Basco, and Jose Carlo Munar)
Coach: Tobi Lang
Client: ODMS Enterprise

              Some outputs will be continuing onto their next phase in SoCIT’s PBL classes in the third term of S.Y. 2020-2021.

             The innovation camp allowed the students to apply the skills they learned throughout the program, and the culminating activity allowed the showcasing of these skills. IBM SkillsBuild Innovation Camp: Front End Web Development enhanced the students’ skills that prepared them for an industry-level environment.