APCDC Kings and Queens Slay on Dance Supremacy Stage

By: Donna Miguella Loyola

The Asia Pacific College Dance Company (APCDC) placed 5th in the Queens Division and 6th in the Kings Division of the Dance Supremacy 2019Final Competition, held on October 20 at the AFP Theater in Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City. Going against 11 finalists, the crew showcased their talents and love for dance, putting in the effort to provide a stellar performance. 

During the competition’s elimination round last October 5, APCDC competed against 17 schools for the Kings division and 14 schools for the Queens division. The event took place at Tanghalang Pasigueño. They were able to push through the finals round wherein they nailed the 5th and 6th place.

One of APCDC’s trainees stated that the competing team worked hard on the concept, theme, and choreography of their dance. For the past two months, they had trained diligently, sacrificing sweat, tears, and energy to achieve a worthwhile result. 

The Dance Supremacy (DS) is the first international urban competition held and hosted in the Philippines this 2019In its third year, it has launched the Dance Supremacy Kings and Queens inter-school division. This is a new series in addition to their current open division.

Photos courtesy of APCDC