Bin & Bin

By: Kamille Pangantihon
Artwork by Chris Harold Medina

Oh, how majestic the deep blue is! 
Both beautiful and dangerous
With fishes swimming along with the waves 
And snakes hiding beneath the caves 

Truly, the ocean is vast bowl of mystery 
But what is happening to its beauty? 
The heart of our planet, the giver, the protector 
Is now losing the colors of its home 

Once populated with vibrant hues of innocence,
Now polluted with man’s negligence 
Why do we keep on damaging those that are not ours?  
Why must we destroy those that save us?  

The ocean gives a spirit of tranquility  
But the ocean, too, can strike us with a wild misery 
What have we done? What can we do? 
There are zero reasons to relax and zillion ways to act 

One is to begin with the value of discipline
A discipline as simple as keeping our trash in the proper bin



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