Celebrating National Women’s Month

Today marks the start of National Women’s Month! 🙌

Let us be reminded of the amazing contributions of women in all aspects of life; to nurturing families, advocating for social and environmental justice, leading in various fields, and participating in politics, women contribute to the continuous development of our society today.

One of RAM Page’s Illustrator, Raizel Blanco, created this inspiring artwork to reflect her dreams as a future artist.

“Since I wanted to develop my skills in drawing sceneries with a storyline, I wanted this output to be the first step in a new chapter in my journey where I depicted myself enjoying the art I create in a vast, peaceful land filled with opportunities and discovery.” 🎨

Women can be anything they want regardless of gender stereotypes. Whether in STEM, business, politics, arts, sports – you name it! Everyone deserves the opportunity to follow their passion and enhance their potential.

Here’s to all the women owning their place in the world! 🎉🍾




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