Direk Joey Reyes: The World According to the Centennials

By: Josef Miguel V. Monasterial
Photos by Nicole Dela Torre

(L-R) SoMA Executive Director Robert Besana, Dr. Paulino Tan, Mrs. Leonida Africa, APC President Tata Medado, and art instructors Manolet Garcia & Icon de Jesus

Pacing along with the current of the ever-so-quickly changing social norms, people’s lifestyles and socioeconomic status in the industry of today’s standards have significantly changed since the time of the ‘Baby Boomers.’ Certain fields of work have lost their value while other newer jobs and opportunities either have intrinsic value or show non-marketability. However, Direk Joey says that there will always be a different, rather, a ‘Centennial’ perspective of the world that may lead to a successful life.

Director Joey tells students that being smart isn’t the only key to success
Director Joey talks about his life as a successful teacher, songwriter, and film director
Director Joey truthfully answers questions from the audience

Director Jose ‘Joey’ Javier Reyes —an inspiring teacher and mentor; award-winning Filipino director, writer, producer, and actor— took center stage and spoke to the students of Asia Pacific College in the Auditorium last October 16, 2019 for the new educational program of the General Education cluster. In line with its theme called GE Leaps: BIG SHOTS Series, the goal is to introduce APC students to established people in the industry.

English Program Director Kareen Gancio introduces Big shot Director Joey Reyes

General Education (GE) Executive Director Argeo Barrios served as the Master of Ceremonies. The program commenced with the singing of the Philippine National Anthem which was led by the APC Strings. ECP Director Kareen Gancio then introduced the guest speaker.

APC Students cheer for Director Joey
APC Student asks questions to Director Joey

Direk Joey Reyes spoke about the differences of the ‘Baby Boomers’ (1946-1964), their generation, and the younger ‘Centennials’ (1995-2008) who belong to a newer generation. He enlightened the students on how they may take advantage of the advancements of technology and changes in culture for better media consumption and better chances of having a more successful career in the industry. He also spoke about the cons of being born in the latter generation, such as experiencing difficulties in working with teams. He mentioned seven key points that Centennials should remember in this age, namely the following:

  • Don’t make time your enemy, rather your friend.
    Time wasted is a lost opportunity.
  • Don’t take it easy. Make the most of the time you have.
  • Learn everything as much as possible.
  • Expand your expertise.
  • You cannot be just one kind of specialist.
  • To rise in the industry, learn everything you can.
  • Be aware, interested, and connected.
Students from the School of Computing and Information Technology enjoy listening to Director Joey

Among the many life lessons and key points that the eminent director spoke about, one of the most impactful statements that he left for the students to ponder upon is to “always embrace learning.” This also happens to be his mantra in life.