In My Dreams

Illustration by: Samantha Denise Torres

In My Dreams

By: Jaime Gabrielle

In this heart of mine, I dream of something better.

I dream of things that do not shatter by piteous things.

In my wonderous unconsciousness, I see this world.

A world that could be compared to glistening jewels,

Grass as green as emeralds and deep blue oceans like sapphires that were sprinkled by Spring’s rain,

Flowers that bloom like diamonds, cascading a kaleidoscopic color upon the Earth’s pearlescent floor. 

This heart of mine wishes to see the sunrise with a glorious explosion of colors,

To see those shades intertwine and create a beautiful image of a mother’s hand prying the blanket of darkness, turning it to day.

Just as she had done in day, she will do at night.

Her hands glitter with stars like jewels, her gentle lullaby blows a breeze that lulls the tired children of the Earth into the comforts of her embrace.

She covers the sky with a beautiful array of relaxing blues and purples, stars that guide lost wanderers of the day into their homes at night.

She sits upon the moon as it is her throne, playing us a lullaby. When the hour ends, she stands and dances to the sun where she wakes us up.

In this dream of mine, the air is clean.

There is a lack of concrete jungle and we mingle freely.

We do not fear the unknown, yet embrace it as an adventure.

Untold stories waiting to be told to children, just as they will with theirs, 

This is my sweet dream that the mother of the night has given me.