Publications Office || 2020 Yearbook Schedules and Guidelines

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 Graduation and Yearbook Photoshoot has been drastically affected. However, as everyone has started to adjust to the new normal, the Yearbook Committee and our supplier Blueberry has prepared a new schedule for the photoshoot. We have also devised a way to continue our photoshoot, while ensuring the health and safety of everyone.

‘New Normal’ Photoshoot Schedule Reminders

1.       The 2020 Yearbook Photoshoot will be rescheduled from January 4 to January 15, 2020, from 7:30AM to 4:30PM.

2.       Our new normal guidelines currently restrict the number of visitors that may enter the school premises. In line with this, a maximum of 80 students per day will be accommodated.

3.       We will be implementing an appointment/booking form that will allow you to book your desired date and time. You may access the appointment/booking form here:

4.       Be minded that a maximum of 8 students per time slot/hour may be accommodated. Fill out your name and email (any email address, whether Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, APC email, etc. may be used). Rest assured that the information collected will be used for the 2020 Yearbook Photoshoot only.

5.       Should a student wish to have their own make-up artist for the photoshoot, they will be allowed to be accompanied with one make-up artist only. The name of the make-up artist should be filled out in the ‘Notes’ section of the appointment/booking form. Write ‘N/A’ in case you are planning to avail of Blueberry’s makeup services.

6.       You will be receiving an email notification about your booking, as well as an email reminder a day before your desired photo shoot schedule.

7.       In case of any sudden conflicts in your schedule, you may opt to change your booking up until 48 hours before the desired photo shoot schedule. For example, if you have a photo shoot scheduled on January 5, 1:00PM, you can only change your schedule until January 3, 12:59PM.

8.       A student who missed their booked photo shoot schedule will need to schedule a different date for their preferred appointment/booking. In the instance that there are no more available booking slots, students will need to personally coordinate with Blueberry to arrange their desired photo shoot schedule.


‘New Normal’ Photoshoot Guidelines

1.       There will be five different rooms for the photoshoot: Registration/Holding area, Make-up area, Wardrobe area, Studio area, and Viewing area.

2.       As per APC’s building protocols, a maximum of 10 people per room (students and Blueberry staff combined) will be allowed.

3.       Students are encouraged to bring their own make-up kit (brush, powder, sponge, etc.) However, students may still avail of Blueberry’s makeup services. Rest assured that Blueberry will be sanitizing and disinfecting the make-up area and the make-up kits.

4.       Students will be allowed to have their own make-up artists as well. However, be minded that these should be noted in the appointment/booking form.

5.       Students will be required to bring their own undershirts, as Blueberry will no longer provide undershirts in the Wardrobe area.

6.       As there can only be a maximum of 10 people per room, including students and Blueberry staff, students who are planning to avail of group shots will be limited to groups of nine students only.

 Rooms for the Photo Shoot to be announced soon. Kindly stand-by for updates.



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