Online Document Request

Filing Instructions

  1. Download and accomplish “E-FORM V.3.2-Request for Student Records” and submit along with copy of valid ID (APC or government-issued ID) to the Office of the Registrar (or send to e-mail :
    • ID is required to verify the identity of the requesting/claiming party, a valid Identification Card shall be required.
    • Download E-FORM here
  1. Office of the Registrar staff will review the completeness of the form, verify requests, and assess for the necessary payment of applicable fees. Refer to page 2 of the E-FORM for payment options.
  2. Submit proof of payment to the Office of the Registrar (or send to e-mail : and for payment validation.
    • Payment first policy prior to the processing and release of the documents.
    • No cancellation, substitution, or refund of payment for the shall be made for any invalid or withdrawn document request.
  1. Upon receipt of proof of payment, Office of the Registrar staff will acknowledge the completeness of the request and issue the release date.
    • Processing time varies and depends upon the availability of document and signatories.

Unauthorized Request: An unauthorized request (requesting documents without the consent of the person) is punishable by law.

Withholding/Denial/Cancellation of Requests: APC reserves the right to withhold, deny or cancel any request for document due to pending accountabilities.

Unclaimed documents: Documents not claimed after sixty (60) days will be destroyed.