Two Students Receive Laptops From Acer Partnership

Two Students Receive Laptops From Acer Partnership

By: Lemuel Ian B. Manuel

Guidance Office Head Mr. Arnold Francis Oriño turns over a laptop to Marc Shane S. Rowy (left) and Rose-Ann Hospital (right). The students are among the beneficiaries of the Acer-Intel Program, an industry partner of Asia Pacific College since 2012.

Acer Philippines, in collaboration with Asia Pacific College (APC) granted laptops to two college students to aid their online classes last September 2, 2020.

Rose-Ann F. Hospital (BS Accountancy) from the School of Management (SoM) and Marc Shane S. Rowy (BS Information Technology – Mobile and Internet Technologies) from the School of Information Technologies (SoCIT) were among the students selected from a list recommended by Guidance Head Mr. Arnold Francis N. Oriño.

According to Mr. Oriño, the program is a partnership initiative between Acer and Intel Philippines which is a part of their donation drive program, where APC has been one of the selected schools to receive gadgets from the industry partner.

The program aims to provide devices to selected students in need in relation to their academic performance, specifically online schooling and pursuing their studies. APC has been an Acer Academy Program since 2012, which is one of the factors how APC’s students became beneficiaries of the program.

The criterion for selection of the beneficiaries came from Acer themselves. Mr. Orino was asked to provide a list of students who are in need of devices., which came from actual students who shared their experience and kept in contact starting from April to June 2020.

Upon receiving the confirmation from Acer of the students who were selected, the devices were personally picked up by Mr. Orino at Paco, Manila, which was then delivered to the students.

“We are very much grateful at least we are able to help these students… and its very impressive coming from Acer-Intel because they are very sensitive with the students of their partner schools,” Mr. Oriño notes.

He also highlighted his special thanks to Ms. Clair Acuesta, Business Partner-Lead Commercial and Academe of Acer Philippines, in inviting the college in to join the program and opportunities for the students.

In these challenging times, Asia Pacific College looks forward to future collaborations and partnerships when it comes to aiding in the field of academe. As the college does not only hone future professionals, but it also develops the characteristics of being a holistic individual and a role model of the Filipino people.



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