Paw and Pandemic

Paw and Pandemic

By: Abby Gail Tiongson

I am battling a great war in this unending solitude.

Requirements are piling up like a ceiling-less tower.

“Assignments mentioned you!”; once again, Teams intrudes.

Do you know how much this takes a toll on my will power?

I am surrounded by anxiety and fears for my future.

There is no certainty in this crisis full of uncertainty.

Time is moving rapidly as I sleep on my computer.

Will tomorrow retain today’s depressing reality?

All these worries went through my head as I fell asleep,

Then, an endless licking woke me in my repose.

What a great way to start anew from yesterday’s weep.

Her playful energy never fails to shove away my woes.

You know what they say, start the day with a perfect cup of coffee.

Funny enough, same with a lively canine named Coffee.

After finally getting up, she puts her paws on my hand,

And her eyes dark and fervent, asking for a pat on the head.


We now move on to our time in the afternoon,

Hearing the breaking keyboard noises.

She stretched out and wandered over like a racoon,

Then nuzzled in for some attention, giving me unconditional happiness.

At night, when controlling your emotions hits the hardest,

She scooches beside me to tell me,

“Everything is going to be alright.”

This has never failed to calm my aching chest.

This is what she taught me in this pandemic,

To live in the now and remain optimistic,

Take the joy in the simplest of things,

And to not carry every suffering.

With this, Coffee has saved me in this pandemic,

Through her innocent disruptions and silly antics.

She is the reason why I can fight at the end of the day,

For I have a daily dose of Coffee in my every day.