Robotic Process Automation (RPA) incorporated in APC Curricular programs

Asia Pacific College is the first school in the Philippines to have partnered with UiPath to teach process automation technologies. A technology slated to change the future of work, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is currently being tested and implemented in small automation requirements of big enterprises. 

Robotic Process Automation aims to provide “software robots” to replace humans doing mundane repetitive tasks. In a school environment, RPA can be applied to track down project expenses and time consumed in doing school projects when implementing project-based learning. With RPA, students and company workers can now concentrate on higher value work which may require decision-making based on certain expertise or experience.

To help make this digital disruption easier for enterprises, Asia Pacific College has partnered with
UiPath, a leading vendor of RPA solutions, to train its students to configure and put software robots to good use. 

RPA will be embedded in the various AssociateUndergraduate, and Postgraduate curricula so that graduates of this program will have the necessary skills at different levels to implement software robots for process automation.



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