By: Jena Gusi
Artwork by: Delaney LeBlanc

Here are five tips to turn boring things into something entertaining:

  1. Reward yourself.
    This may be the easiest but most uncontrollable thing to do. You may feel happy and productive when you reward yourself. However, there is a tendency that you might reward yourself a little too much for even the littlest of things. This tip is easy, but as they say, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

  2. Take breaks.
    Studying and doing the same thing for a long time can cause mental and physical fatigue. Take short breaks. Walk around and stretch for a few minutes. You will feel energized after that.

  3. Create games.
    This tip may seem nerdy, but it is really effective. You and your friends could create a study group for all of you to work on assignments and projects together. Whoever finishes first or has the most correct answers wins. You could create a prize for the winner or a consequence for the loser. Everyone doesn’t even need to be together. You could do this in a group chat. It may seem nerdy, but hey, you had fun while doing your homework.
  4. Do it ahead of time.
    It may be a bust to do your homework right after the teacher or professor has given it, but think about the spare time that you’ll have. You still have to do it, so why not now?

  5. Relax
    Try to enjoy everything that you do. Make sure to never leave anything behind.



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