Sama Kanato: A Multimedia Exhibit

By: Crystin Espenilla
Photos by Gualbertsan Sual & Kevin Balisalisa

Sama Kanato exhibitors

Sama Kanato, a multimedia exhibit by Dilimailhan Productions from Asia Pacific College, was held at the GSIS Museo ng Sining, Pasay City on August 29 through 31, 2019.

Concept Artist Jann Angelo Pagharion showcasing Philippine mythical creatures in modern society
Alyssa Alo discusses her artwork
Visitor uses black UV light to see hidden messages on Patricia Pangilinan’s artwork about catcalling
Utilization of Augmented Reality on Chris Villaflores’s artwork

During the exhibit, the APC Band performed a few songs. Arielle Bituin delivered three spoken word poetries that struck the crowd.

Artworks by Roxanne Buencamino which illustrate her own experiences of being a mom through an assemblage of found objects

Afterwards, the ribbon-cutting with APC faculty member Icon de Jesus ensued. He gave the opening remarks before allowing the audiences to finally view the exhibit.

Alyssa Alo with her artwork titled “Two Worlds” which demonstrates the story of a mythical creature living in a mythical world
Roxanne Buencamino with her artwork
Through augmented reality, Chris Villaflores depicts the beginning and end of a mother’s dream which signifies the ups and downs in modern society through her artwork titled “Ang Bughaw na Nalusaw”
Photographer Bryan Sendiong in Sama Kanato Multimedia Arts exhibit
Short film titled "Barang" by Cheza Odango shows the causes and effects of online bashing
Patricia Pangilinan stands in front of Lenticular Paintings that utilize perspectives and black UV light to reveal hidden thoughts of the victims of catcalling
Kyle Melitante illustrates Bakunawa/naga who protects the Scarborough Shoal

Sama Kanato featured selected Filipino mythical creatures that are being reflected or embodied in modern society. The exhibit showcased individual works by Dilimailhan Productions and guest artists from APC, namely Cee Jay Ocampo, Bryan Joshua Sendiong, Hino Ohashi, and Zoren Romero. They showcased both digital and traditional arts through mediums such as paintings, installations, photographs, and film.