APC rewards and recognizes excelling college students

By: Ella Mae Oscillada
Photos by Jose Realino & Nico Dela Torre

Asia Pacific College (APC) beamed with pride last September 11, 2019, as the institution acknowledged the honor students for their achievements last school year (2018 – 2019).

SoCIT Executive Director Rhea-Luz Valbuena delivers an inspiring speech to honor students
Members of the APC Strings perform the Instrumental of “Hey Jude” by the Beetles

Led by the APC Chorale, the celebration began with the singing of the Philippine National Anthem and doxology. It was followed by the opening remarks of SoCIT Executive Director Rhea-Luz Valbuena.

(L-R) Cassandra Lucas, Cheska Serafico, Eloi Igni, Mae Lagrosa, Mark Sanchez, and Reiniel Marquez pose as they eagerly wait to receive their Certificate of Recognition

“Success is defined differently. Getting a high grade is not easy; more so in maintaining a good set of grades. There were a lot of challenges along the way. At the end of the day though, getting a high grade despite all these daily hardships becomes so sweet.”

She emphasized the importance of hardships and challenges in testing one’s strength of character and grit.

SoM Executive Director Manny Magbuhat proudly gives a certificate to an honor student
A mom proudly takes photos of her son

The basis of the honors list was also briefly enumerated by College Registrar Stanley Glenn Brucal, followed by the bestowment of awards to students from each of the following schools: School of Engineering (SoE), School of Multimedia & Arts (SoMA), School of Management (SoM), and the School of Computing and Information Technologies (SoCIT). Members of the APC Strings provided a wonderful intermission number.

(L-R) Humphrey Pimentel, McKlynne Sevilla, Sukhvir Signh, & Jex De Los Santos from the School of Engineering
(L-R) Andre Lagsac, Kyla Lapid, Aliah Casabuena, & Joshua Bernados from the School of Engineering

“Everyone of us has experienced hardships, failures, broken friendships, and a lot of mishaps and difficulties. I would just like to say that even if it’s just a year that has passed, we were able to do it, we are still running, and we are still in the fight.”

Kirsten believes that APC students are being molded under pressure, thus they should not give up no matter what happens to achieve their long-awaited success.

RAMpage Photojournalist Head Eloi Igni shakes hands with General Education Program Director Argeo Barrios
RAMpage feature and literary writer Julian Bass poses as he shows his Certificate of Recognition
RAMpage Vlogger Cassandra Lucas strikes a pose as she showcases her Certificate of Recognition
RAMpage photojournalist Cheska Serafico poses with her mother

Engr. Rogelio Ruzcko Tobias, Head of the Student Activities Office (SAO), gave the closing remarks filled with words of gratitude. He thanked the parents for their never-ending support for their child, the teachers for molding each student to become their very best, the executive directors for their commitment to provide good quality education, the honor students themselves for striving despite the challenges, and lastly, the Student  Organization Association of Regents (SOAR) for organizing the event on behalf of SAO.