SoCIT Fest (Day 1): Most awaited “SoCITFlix” starts off as a sensational hit

By: Lemuel Ian B. Manuel

The students and organizations coming from the School of Computing and Information Technology (SoCIT) came together as one and brought this year’s SoCIT Fest into the world of Netflix. After the midterms, the members of different organizations like the Junior Philippine Computer Society (JPCS), Junior Information Systems Security Association (JISSA), APC Microsoft Community, and Gaming Genesis spearheaded various activities for SoCITFlix: Create What’s Next from August 14 through 16, 2019.

Christopher Misola, Leading IoT Software Engineer/Product Development at Packetworx, talks about Cognitive Services at the Asia Pacific College Auditorium last August 15, 2019
Christopher Misola exhibits a live demo on how mixed reality works using Microsoft Holo Lens
Christopher Misola (middle) receives recognition for his outstanding talk about Cognitive Services at Asia Pacific College last August 15, 2019
Christopher Misola with APC Students at Microsoft Roadshow’s Cognitive Services last August 15, 2019, at Asia Pacific College

Photos by: Kevin Balisalisa

Microsoft Roadshow: Internet of Things

As the first day of SoCITFlix entered the week, senior high school and SoCIT students ventured out to learn more about the Internet of Things (IoT) at the APC auditorium from 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. During this time, APC’s Applications Developer Head Eric O. Salalima shared his expertise in the field of technology. “Fast-paced change can help ease and solve problems,” he said. He explained that being innovative can increase the chances of living a better life while also encouraging everyone to take part in creating change since it is beneficial for all.

Prototype demonstration of Gigo bricks, an Internet of Things starter pack, led by Eric Salalima, Head of Applications Development at Asia Pacific College
Gigo bricks sample project, a product by Acer CloudProfessor which allows a person to work on their own inventions
Eager to learn, SOCIT students actively participate during the Agile Seminar at the APC Auditorium

Photos by: Cheska Serafico

Agile Seminar

Organized by JPCS, the Agile seminar series took place at the APC auditorium from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Participants from SoCIT were able to learn about the Agile Methodology which they will use for project-based learning. The talk featured a wide variety of topics which include Digital Transformation and Virtualization. SoCIT Faculty Jose Eugenio L. Quesada also shared his numerous experiences and learnings in the field of Information Technology (IT), introducing new methods on how to bring reality into the virtual world.

Joe Gene Quesada, President at Integrated Open Source Solutions, introduces Agile Software Development at the APC auditorium
Joe Gene Quesada receives a Certificate of Participation for discussing "Agile Software Development" at the APC auditorium, standing alongside Dr. Manuel Calimlim Jr. (left) and JPCS-APC President, Ms. Alliah Bautista (middle)
Eric Salalima receives a Certificate of Participation for discussing "Internet of Things" at the APC auditorium, standing alongside Mr. Rommel Ormita (left) and Mr. Lemuel Manuel (right)
SoCIT student asks questions to Mr. Eric Salalima during the Q & A portion of the opening seminar titled "Internet of Things"
APC's Applications Development Head Eric Salalima demonstrates the functionality of Gigobricks as part of his seminar titled "Internet of Things"

Photos by: Soy Realino

Mobile Legends and Tekken Tournament

In line with the increase of interest in Electronic Sports (Esports), Gaming Genesis (GG) spearheaded the Mobile Legends and Tekken Tournament from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at MPH 1. According to GG President Christian Mark Cawasa, the event was created to reach out to APC’s gaming community, showing players that GG is a safe space where they can compete and have fun with fellow gamers. For the Mobile Legends competition, SS 191 came out victorious. The team was composed of Keanu Alpuero Mananggit, Matthew Christian A. Quisao, Jed Tristan S. Tinio, Clifford Ton G. Austria, Charles Daniel R. Gain, and Christian Paul R. Duria. On the other hand, Tekken 7 tournament’s final battle fell between Luigi Martin L. Gonzales and Jasffer T. Padigdig. In the end, Gonzales won with a score of 2-1.

SoCIT students compete at the Mobile Legends Tournament in Asia Pacific College
SoCIT students greet each other at the Tekken Tournament
SoCIT students carefully answer tricky questions in the Snatch (Capture the flag) Game
SoCIT students cooperate with the team to win the Snatch (Capture the flag) Game
SoCIT students praise the winning team in the Mobile Legends Tournament

Photos by: Nico Dela Torre

UI Design Competition

The User Interface (UI) Design Competition led by JPCS took place at Room 304, from 10:20 a.m. to 1:20 p.m. Through this event, they allowed everyone to create the UI Design for the official website of APC through the use of a unique web-based UI design tool called Maravel. The contest allowed students to apply their classroom learnings into the real world by creating a design that APC can use in its rebranding efforts. After finishing the design, they were also given two to three minutes to share their ideas. Lionel Kerwin Ejorango was the overall champion. Melo John Lorenzon and Cienna Salvio both won as 1st runners-up. Patrick Rosales and Anzel Tolentino were 2nd runners-up.


The last event for the day was Snatch. It was a Capture the Flag (CTF) workshop competition which took place at Room 606 from 1:00 p.m to 3:00 p.m. In this event, 25 participants were tasked to use the Kali Linux Operating System (OS) which is primarily used for hacking and digital security. Guest speakers, Carlos Ely Tingson and Gonzalo Gumogda from the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) Philippines which is the national organization of JISSA, came and enriched the students’ knowledge before the competition proper. According to Aianne Gail Tingson, the tasks were made by professionals, with concepts coming from Steganography, Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT), Forensics, the Web, and many more, thus adding to the challenge. In the end, Jose Gabrielle Rivera and Sherwin Ansay conquered the competition.